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April 26, 2003, 
Saturday at 7:00 P.M.

Outdoors on the Quadrangle Near the Flagpole on the SMU Campus


WSD 2003  Business Meeting
Wagner's Birthday 2003
SMU Ring Marathon
An Israeli Conducts Wagner
The Tristan Chord
Tiffany Roberts Benefit Recital
Susan Miller Hult - Prompter

SMU is doing a Wagner Ring Marathon.

DATE:  Saturday, April 26, 2003

TIME: Gather around 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, whenever the showing begins -- and continue through the night.

PLACE: Bishop Boulevard on the SMU Campus close to the flagpole at the south end of the quadrangle. If you get to the flagpole, you can't miss it.

PROGRAM: DVD showing of the 1979 Bayreuth Chereau Ring -- The entire 16 hours of it! You will not be chained to the spot: You can come and go as you please, or leave at any moment.

If you are old, bring a chair. If you are young, you may want to sit on  a blanket.

This showing will be Al Fresco, but if it rains, the presentation will be moved to McCord Auditorium in Dallas Hall.

REFRESHMENTS: Sausage and things from Kuby's will be server. NO BOOZE! This IS a Methodist University,  you know.

No need to RSVP. Just Show Up -- any time of the evening or night -- or the next morning, I guess. For more information, call 214-363-6070

If you ever wanted to see the entire Ring of the Niebelung at one 16 hour sitting, this is your chance!

Wagner at the Drive-In Picture Show

Digital images by Ed Flaspoehler - Click on picture to see enlarged view

Sheila Harms
gets a Libretto

A Flaxen Haired
Virginia Abdo

Darren Bell, Sheila Harms,
Ed Flaspoehler and Lynn Sanders

David Shifrin
All relaxed and ready to go.

"Let the Show Begin!"
Eric Johnson Announces.

Darren Bell and Sheila Harms

"You Mean Now?" Virginia Asks ...

" ... It's Not Dark Yet!"

The Twilight of the Rheingold

"Ah! Now we can see!"

And Our Flag was Still There!

Letting off steam in the playground between shows

SMU's Wagner Ring Marathon, organized for the SMU Student Union by Frances Adkins and Eric Johnson, was a great success. There was a fine turnout of SMU students, many happily snuggled up on blankets on the grass. And, as one student remarked, "a lot of adults came, too!" The turnout from the Wagner Society of Dallas included the ever-present Virginia Abdo, Sheila Harms, Darren Bell, Ed Flaspoehler, David Shifrin, and Lynn Sanders, to mention just a few. Several other WSD members came and went during the evening, and not all of the names were noted.

The large projection screen set up on the lawn provided great pictures and the sound system was superb. The generator for the electronic equipment was set up far down the field, and the noise never interfered with the music.

A German Sausage luncheon provided by Kuby's was excellent. There were two big pans of bratwurst and knackwurst, with German potato salad and sauerkraut as accompaniment. Plenty of buns, condiments, and soft drinks  made for a fine meal. Too bad there was not some good German beer! All the food was gone by 11:00 pm, so obviously, everyone was well fortified for Das Rheingold.

Because of the approaching summer season, darkness did not start until after 8:30, so we began in the evening twilight with washed out pictures on the big screen. But as darkness descended, the pictures on the screen became mesmerizing as the complex story of Wagner's Ring Cycle began to unfold.

Das Rheingold ended about 10:30, and after a short intermission for everyone to unwind a bit, on the evening went with Die Walkure. After the first act, many of the adults faded out and went home, since it was after midnight. But several WSD members stayed for the entire event, including Darren Bell and David Shifrin. They are to be commended both for their stamina and their determination to see the whole thing through.

Organizer Frances Adkins felt this whole event was such a success, both with the students and the general public, that she plans to have another outdoor showing next Easter of Wagner's Parsifal.

Ed Flaspoehler, WSD

Welcome to The Wagner Society of Dallas. You know, as Texans, we're bound to strive for being the biggest and best of all the Wagner groups in the world over.

My hope, in addition, is that we ensure your attendance and participation by offering an interesting, stimulating, and enjoyable array of meetings, recitals, and travel. Let us know if you have suggestions for future activities, and do make an effort to join in during the coming months with your membership, attendance, and above all joy of being with fellow Wagner aficionados.

Roger Carroll
President of the Wagner Society of Dallas

The Wagner Society of Dallas - Virginia R. Abdo and Dr. James T. Wheeler,

The Wagner Society of Dallas is devoted to furthering the enjoyment and appreciation of the music of Richard Wagner. The Dallas group is one of many Wagner Societies all over the world. It is a non-profit organization open to anyone who enjoys the works of Richard Wagner and who would like to participate in the Society’s activities.

The Wagner Society of Dallas has monthly meetings and programs which feature recitals, lectures, video screenings, receptions for opera singers and personalities, and trips to Wagner performances in other cities. We welcome music lovers who are already familiar with Wagner’s works as well as those who may want to become more knowledgeable about Wagner’s music.

Member Benefits include attendance at programs, our newsletter, discount on books and CD’s, advance notice of events and selected ticket services, receipt of the Membership Directory, ticket allotments to Bayreuth, and an active link with fellow Wagnerians throughout the world.


The Wagner Society of Dallas

PO Box 25201
Dallas, TX 75225-0201
(214) 363-6070

Virginia R. Abdo and
Dr. James T. Wheeler

email: WSD@

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Many Wagner Society of Dallas members fondly remember Sheila Jones Harms, who was an active member of the organization, and who presented many interesting programs and recitals over the years.

Now, WSD member Ed Flaspoehler has completed his biography of Sheila, called The Cold War Soprano: Memoirs of a Singer-Spy.

If you are interested in opera and fine singing, Sheila's biography will surely be of interest to you. Not only will you get an inside glimpse of what it takes to become an opera singer, and learn about the world of opera in Post- WWII Vienna, but, because Sheila and her husband Werner, were also CIA agents, you will get a look at the Cold War from a personal point of view.

You can get a copy of Ed's book on the internet at

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